Pinecone Home: Handmade State Picture Frames

Pinecone Home Giveaway

It's been awhile since I have been able to feature an awesome product that I just love. This one is from Pinecone Home and is handmade with lots of love. I think this is going to be a favorite for military families, but really this product is great for everyone! While Pincone Home has lots of handmade products, one of the best ones they sell (and my favorite) are the state picture frames. Just imagine a huge gallery wall in your home filled with these wooden state frames. Each one could … [Read more...]

How to Use and Make Money with Fiverr


Have you heard of Fiverr yet? It's an amazing website where you can buy or sell services for $5.00! I had heard a lot of bloggers talking about it and recommending it for services, but I was nervous about using it when it sounded so cheap. How much quality work was I going to get for only $5.00? Once I started selling services on it I understood it better and have now bought services on there as well. Here is a better definition of what Fiverr is all about: "Fiverr is a global online … [Read more...]

Overcoming the 9 Most Overlooked Marriage Threats

Marriage Threats

I recently came across an article on Huffington Post about the 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage. As I read it, I realized that a lot of these can be avoided or overcome in just a few small ways. You don't always have to look at your marriage as something that can or will be "threatened," but you can be more aware of how to take care of your marriage and help it grow. Here is my response to Kelly Flanagan's article and my thoughts on how to overcome these threats to your … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment

Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment

Keeping your marriage strong is hard work, but keeping your marriage strong during deployment can be even harder because of the distance. Even though your spouse may be thousands of miles away, there are plenty of unique things you can do to stay close and keep your marriage strong. Unique Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong During Deployment: 1. Read. Read Military Marriage Books, Read Deployment Books. Read the Same Book together and Then Chat/Email about it. My Book: Journey Through … [Read more...]

Dear Mom of a New Tubie


Dear Mom of a New Tubie, I feel how scared you are. So many questions running through your mind. Take a deep breath. Just breathe. I know there have been a lot of new words and abbreviations thrown out there lately... NG, NJ, G-tube, GJ, peg tube, and more. It all seems so overwhelming. There are new things to worry about: granulation tissue, cellulitis, blockages, and more, but that's not for you to worry about too much right now. Take it one day at a time. You wonder how you will … [Read more...]

Believe in Heroes: Supporting Wounded Warriors Through Grocery Shopping

Believe in Heroes

I'm excited to be sharing with you about a wonderful organization called Believe in Heroes. Believe in Heroes is an organization that has helped raise more than $16 million for the Wounded Warrior Project which in turn has helped serve more than 40,000 wounded service members. The Wounded Warrior Project helps wounded service members and their families that are faced with many physical challenges as well as those with PTSD. This project is so important to me as a military spouse and as a … [Read more...]

Jonah and the Great Big Fish

Jonah and the Great Big Fish

I am always on the lookout for kid's books that my kids will love. My son loves to be read to, and I am hoping my daughter will too when she gets a bit older. I was given the opportunity to read and review Jonah and the Great Big Fish by Rhonda Gowler Greene and my son is really enjoying it! My Review of Jonah and the Great Big Fish I love that this book is so big, bright, and colorful. My son enjoyed looking at the pages and I enjoyed looking too. The book is in rhyme which is cute, … [Read more...]

9 Things to Include in Your Sensory Room

Sensory Room

We recently moved to a bigger house. One of the reasons we did this was so that my son could have more room for his sensory equipment. We wanted to make him an entire sensory room filled with everything to fit his needs. I know there are other parents of sensory children out there and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to know how to build your own sensory room! 5 Things to Put in Your Sensory room: 1. Play Tunnel One of the very first things we purchased for my son was a … [Read more...]

Dear Deployment: Bring it On, Mrs. Sarge

Mrs. Sarge

Dear Deployment, Wow here we are again. For the 12th time since 2006 we meet again. Though I have to say our meetings are not those of the typical kind. Because for the 12th time it’s not my husband that you are taking from me (Though you have before) Once again it’s time to support someone whom you’ve chosen to take far from their family. Regardless of what you throw at them they will know that they are cared for, and appreciated by another grateful American and that their sacrifice is not … [Read more...]

Preparing for Your Child’s Hospital Stay

Preparing for Your Child's Hospital Stay

Over the weekend, my daughter had another hospital stay. Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious and just for observation, but I realized something: Elizabeth has been in the hospital for a total of 5 weeks in the short 9 months since she's been born. The hospitalizations have been in three different hospitals in two different states, for a total of 6 different times. In this time I have learned A LOT. Wiith the most recent hospital stay I realized that I needed to write a blog post to help … [Read more...]