27 Tips for Long Military Deployments and Separations

military deployments

It's still months away, but we are gearing up for another military separation. This time it's a one-year tour to Korea! I have done a 7 month deployment and several TDY's, but a year or more away from my husband is something new to me. This time, I have two kids instead of one, and both of them have special needs. This time it's not a deployment, but a PCS to Korea. I have been asked if I have family here and I don't. I won't able to leave to go home for the entire year like some people do, … [Read more...]

#JourneyThroughDeployment Twitter Party!!

Twitter Party

I am so excited to announce that my book, Journey Through Deployment: Stepping Forward With Confidence During Military Separations was published in print on May 20, 2014! It is now available in print, on Kindle, PDF, and also for Nook! I was not able to do a party right when the book first launched due to my daughter's health needs and her being in the hospital, but I am still doing it, and everyone, military spouse or civilian-is invited! What People are Saying About the … [Read more...]

Patriotic Flag Shirt Review

flag shirt

I was very excited to receive an email from TheFlagShirt.com telling me about their company. They sell patriotic flag shirts of all types for men, women, and kids, and are the perfect place to buy something to wear whether it be for a patriotic holiday like Independence day or for a military homecoming. About TheFlagShirt.com: "TheFlagShirt.com is a subsidiary of Lord Daniel Sportswear, started by a family member still a family owned and operated business founded over 70 years … [Read more...]

5 Things I Learned in Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

After my daughter had been in the hospital the first time and then the second time, I decided that it was time for my husband and I to see a marriage counselor. We weren't on the brink of divorce and our marriage wasn't "in trouble." It's just that we were having a hard time dealing with the all the stress that had happened in a few month's time. My son has special needs, then my daughter was born and it was one thing after another. I finally realized that we needed a little help or we were … [Read more...]

What I Learned From: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I know, I know. This is a strange topic for me to bring up on my blog. I don't normally talk about music and movies on my blog, but after seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on a last minute date night in the theaters with my husband, I just had to put my jumbled thoughts about the movie down somewhere. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a drama and a science-fiction movie. It is the sequel to the first movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. If you have not seen this movie, but are planning … [Read more...]

On Autism Families and Having Fewer Kids

Autism Families

I came across two similar, interesting articles last night and I wanted to take a little time to share my thoughts on it. The first was, Families Affected by Autism Have Fewer Children. The second was very similar: Autism Families Tend to Have Fewer Children Than Their Peers. We are an autism family. My son was diagnosed with autism at age two, and for us it was not a shock. He had had problems since birth and we knew that autism was probably what we were looking at. Autism, Sensory … [Read more...]

Stephen’s Journey to Tube-Free

Fleming Family

This cause is near and dear to my heart because of my own little girl with a feeding tube. Having a child with a feeding tube is hard to see as a parent, because you want your child to have their best chance at everything, especially when it comes to eating. It's been quote the roller coaster having a little girl with a feeding tube. A lot of work and upkeep goes into it, more than I ever would have imagined. But the little time my little girl has been on a feeding tube, does not compare with … [Read more...]

Back From Boston…


We our back from our medical trip to Boston and are glad to be home. We spent about a week up in Boston and although we did not find the answers we were looking for, it was one of the best things we ever did. The hospital and staff up there was amazing. We saw about 15 different doctors and specialists, who reviewed her case and records thoroughly and were very patient with the time that they gave us. After two tests: a stomach emptying scan and an x-ray, the doctors told us there is … [Read more...]

Our Medical Journey to Boston


You may have followed our journey with my daughter, Elizabeth and all of her health issues. She's had three hospital stays in her 7 months that she's been alive and now we are leaving tomorrow to go to Boston. The doctors here are at a loss of what else to do, so we are taking her to Mass General Children's Hospital in Boston. We are hoping for a team of doctors who can help diagnose Elizabeth and get her to where she should be. While the posts listed below do not have the most recent … [Read more...]

Why Father’s Day is Hard, but Also Good

Father's Day

I don't talk about my father much. I don't mention him on Facebook, or post pictures of me and him together growing up. I don't think about him often like a good daughter should, in fact I try not to think about him and the past. My parents divorced when I was 15, and it was one of the hardest times of my life. My father was verbally and emotionally abusive, but there was so much more than just that. So much more that no one ever knew. As the years have unfolded, we started to realize that … [Read more...]