From Georgia to Colorado: Our First PCS

our first pcs

First, let me begin by telling you that this journey was not easy. We had five days of travel, two special needs kids, went through three time changes, spent two weeks in and out of hotels, and went through six different states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado)! We knew about two months in advance that we were PCSing and the amount of work it took to get everything together for our two special needs kids and to buy a house was ridiculous. But somehow we did it! I … [Read more...]

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

I'm hoping that by now you have gotten to know my friend Sarah that occasionally gives me permission to post her delicious recipes. Sarah is a fellow Air Force wife who has posted several recipes here on the blog before – one of which went viral and to-date has over 1 million views! You can see all of her recipes here: Sarah’s Recipes. Recently, Sarah posted a recipe on her Facebook and I just had to have it posted to the blog. I am not usually big on scones, but I love berries and I love … [Read more...]

Leaving the Military? How to Hang up That Hat!

leaving the military

I’m having a serious identity crisis. When I said, “I Do", I proudly took on the title of military wife. I piled it on top of my head, balancing it with all the other hats I wear: sister, neighbor, baker, daughter, friend, teacher, dog owner, traveler, aunt, crafter, photographer… military wife. It looks nice there on the top, it makes me feel like I belong to some elite club, like I’m wearing the appropriate uniform. I remember when we first started dating I went to a party at the home of … [Read more...]

I’m Not Perfect: Dealing with Inadequacy as a Military Spouse

Inadequacy as a Military Spouse

I have a confession to make: I’m a perfectionist. While I don’t expect perfection of the people around me, I expect it of myself… all the time. And let me tell you, that gets pretty tiring. Since I can’t achieve perfection, it can make me feel a little crazy. Being a military spouse has amplified my feelings of inadequacy. You see, before I got married, I had a career path. I knew where I was going. Getting married to a handsome sailor shattered all of that-- I had to pick up and begin again… … [Read more...]

Encouraging Posts From 8 Different Bloggers


One of the most enjoyed posts to put together are the posts where I feature encouraging posts from other bloggers. There are so many great posts out there that encourage me and lift me up, and I love to share those with us and in hopes that you may be encouraged too! I hope you enjoy the next set of eight posts that range on the topics of faith, marriage, friendship, motherhood, and special needs parenting. If you missed the other posts in this series, check out: 8 Encouraging … [Read more...]

PTSD in Veterans and the General Population

PTSD in Veterans

When we think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we usually think of it in terms of combat veterans. In reality, civilians aren’t immune to the effects. However, the reason the disorder is associated so heavily with combat veterans is because they are one of the most visible and are vocal examples of the effects of PTSD. What is PTSD? PTSD usually develops after someone has experienced a terrifying ordeal, which could be a one-time event, such as a mugging or similar violent crime, … [Read more...]

It’s Official: We’re Moving to…


We're a military family. It's a known fact that we are going to move a lot, but for some reason we haven't. We have been here at our first duty station for over 6 years now, and finally two months ago we got word: it's time to move! Orders didn't come down exactly. My husband saw that they were looking for people in the state of our choice, so he applied for a job and he got it. We were excited because this is the exact place we wanted to go when we did PCS because it is a great area for … [Read more...]

Dear Deployment: Respectfully, Molly

Molly Military

Dear Deployment, This is the first time we’re meeting face to face and I’ve already decided that we are not friends. I’ve known you from a distance before of course. You’ve acquainted yourself with my family when my brother was a young man, but this time, you’re intruding on my personal space and I really don’t like it. You’ve only been here for a few days, but you’ve been lingering on the horizon of our lives for some time now. You’ve been stressing me out, making me irritable and … [Read more...]

How to Write a Perfect Pinterest Pin Description


I have been coaching people on Pinterest for a few years now and have seen a lot over the years. But one of the things I have noticed the most is that people's Pinterest Pin descriptions are not always the greatest. A good description is SO important for getting your pins pinned. I know that a lot of people like to let their image do the the talking, after all Pinterest is all about images! But I believe a pin description is just as important as the image. It can help with SEO and help give … [Read more...]

Special Needs: Why a Feeding Tube?

Why a Feeding Tube?

When I was thinking about the title of this post, I wasn't sure the term, "special needs" fit the bill. My daughter was developmentally behind, but now she is thriving and a very smart girl! The term "special needs" doesn't just mean that someone mentally requires assistance, it can also refer to medical assistance as well. Wikipedia says, In the United States, special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for … [Read more...]