Why Scheduling Your Social Media is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever do

Scheduling Your Social Media

As a blogger, social media manager, and virtual assistant I am shocked by the number of people who don't use schedulers to schedule their social media. Many people don't realize the potential in scheduling your social media and that's why I'm here to tell you why this is one of the most important things you can do for your blog or business. Why Scheduling Your Social Media is Important: The reasons for scheduling your social media are numerous, but I would like to touch on just three that … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kids From Fighting in the Backseat

Keep Your Kids From Fighting

It’s finally the first day of school. Your children are so excited, they took forever to fall asleep last night. They struggled this morning over what to wear. They barely picked at that healthy breakfast you got up early to make for them. Their excitement is tinged with nervousness, naturally. And who better to take it out on than their brother or sister, sitting next to them in the back seat? Mason: “I wonder what Mrs. Jones will be like. Is she strict?” Savannah: “She’s mean. All … [Read more...]

Toy Store With a Cause: Special Toys for Special Kids

Special Toys for Special Kids

Have you ever wandered through a toy store looking for toys that would help or benefit a special needs child? There are very little special toys for special kids that are educational, beneficial or that teach kids how to make the world a better place. Most toy stores only want and have toys that “sell.” I'm excited to tell you about a new type of toy store - a toy store with a cause! Woozy Moo is a toy store that aims at offering parents a different type of toys.  They have body-positive … [Read more...]

Dear Deployment: Sincerely Rebekah

Rebekah Dunham

Dear Deployment, I must admit, when we first became acquainted we were not friends. Even when I heard your name fall from my husband's lips, I felt a sense of impending doom. How would I live a year without him? How could I continue on with "life as normal" when life wasn't normal? I cried an awful lot - both for the reality that was before me and because I could almost hear the clock ticking down our last moments together. However, I must admit that somewhere in the past year, my view of … [Read more...]

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop

military spouse blog hop

May 8th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It's a day where so many spouses deserve appreciation and recognition. Military spouses are a rare breed, they are unique  and are some of the strongest people I've ever had the opportunity to know. If you are a military spouse today, I am happy to celebrate YOU. Military Spouse Blog Hop: Today, I am excited to host a military spouse blog hop. It's been awhile since I have participated in this kind of thing, but what better day to bring it back … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Every Couple Should go to Marriage Counseling

Why Every Couple Should go to Marriage Counseling

When you hear the words, "marriage counseling" what comes to mind? Do you have positive or negative thoughts about it? [Tweet "When you hear the words, "marriage counseling" what comes to mind?"] I polled some of my friends on Facebook to see what others thought about these two words. Some had negative thoughts about it, but most were positive and I was very surprised and happy by what I read. Here are some the answers I received: Negative Thoughts "Divorce court." - Renee "An … [Read more...]

Five Skills That Successful Communicators have Mastered

Successful Communication

Communication sounds like it should be easy. You say what you have to say, the person you're speaking to responds—what could be easier? So why do we so often see and experience communication breaking down? Something that feels like it should be so simple can be difficult. Instead of the peaceful and exciting coming together of ideas, we find ourselves storming out of rooms, upset and tense, not sure what went wrong, but entirely sure that it was the other person's fault. Here are … [Read more...]

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Groupon

Mother's Day Gift ideas

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I recently was looking for something fun to do on a date night with my husband. In my search for something to do, I re-discovered Groupon! We had recently moved to Colorado and now lived in a bigger town. I found a wonderful deal on Groupon and my husband and I had a lovely date night out. Now that I have seen the fun and potential in Groupon, I am excited to use it to find some Mother's Day gift … [Read more...]

6 Green Vegetables You MUST try Roasted!

roasted green vegetables

I have always loved vegetables. I have never had a problem with eating salads and I always loved vegetables as a child that most kids didn't. Now that Pinterest is around, I've discovered a new favorite way to eat vegetables: roasted! I didn't include any non-green vegetables in this round-up due to the fact that it seems like green vegetables are the ones that taste the best when roasted - not to mention they're some of my favorites! Perfect Green Vegetables To Try Roasted in the … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Developmental Milestones are Important

Developmental Milestones

As a mom to two special needs kids, I am very aware of developmental milestones and how important they are, but not all parents feel the same way I do. When your child is born, it's easy to believe that keeping track of developmental milestones isn't important. After all, you're a busy, sleep-deprived mom! I've heard a lot of excuses: "Some kids are just more behind than others or develop slower." "I don't want anyone to compare my child to someone else's child." "I'm not letting … [Read more...]