4 Reasons Why Developmental Milestones are Important

Developmental Milestones

As a mom to two special needs kids, I am very aware of developmental milestones and how important they are, but not all parents feel the same way I do. When your child is born, it's easy to believe that keeping track of developmental milestones isn't important. After all, you're a busy, sleep-deprived mom! I've heard a lot of excuses: "Some kids are just more behind than others or develop slower." "I don't want anyone to compare my child to someone else's child." "I'm not letting … [Read more...]

Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From UncommonGoods

Uncommon Goods

I recently found out about a website called UncommonGoods, "an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices." UncommonGoods has a large selection of perfect gifts to give to mom this Mother's Day and I had the opportunity to review two of them! UncommonGoods is a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts.  Half of what we sell is made by hand and most of the products we carry are created … [Read more...]

15 MIlitary Spouse Facebook Groups You HAVE to Join

Military Spouse Facebook Groups

Facebook and social media can a be a huge support to military spouses near and far. Facebook helps military spouses keep in touch with family and friends, share photos, videos, family news and more! But Facebook is good for even more support within its groups. I have found so much support within military spouse Facebook groups than anywhere else. It's nice to have other military spouses who have gone through the same thing as you to talk to and support you! I polled other military … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Children for a Big Move

How to Prepare Your Children for a Big Move

Every year, millions of American families pack up their belongings and embark on new journeys. Some move for employment opportunities; others move to reduce their expenses, increase their space or, perhaps even, to make a fresh start. The move is stressful for all, but can be especially traumatic for children who are used to a routine and often don’t understand the reasons for moving. Dr. Deborah Pardee, licensed psychologist and core faculty at University of the Rockies, a graduate … [Read more...]

Xs and Os for Gabby Ann – Kid’s Book Giveaway

Xs and Os for Gabby Ann

I am very excited to share with you about a new book that is out for military kids or kids that have daddies that travel a lot! I have read a lot of books and have written a lot of book reviews and Xs and Os for Gabby Ann has been one of my favorites so far! I really really love it! Book Description From Amazon.com: Gabby Ann loves kisses and hugs. They are the BEST part about bedtime. There is nothing like an extra kiss and a hug - an X and an O - from her mommy before the lights go … [Read more...]

When God Seems Silent

When God Seems Silent

It's Easter Sunday and although it's been a great day and a wonderful weekend, the thought of tomorrow is looming over me. This past week we found out that my daughter has an intermediate positive* for Cystic Fibrosis. Tomorrow is the day we go to a Cystic Fibrosis Clinic to learn more. We have been here at our new base for three weeks now and in that three weeks we may have found the answer we've been looking for. After 16 months of searching maybe this is it. The "why" for why my … [Read more...]

Why Military Spouses Really Don’t Know What They are Marrying Into

Military Spouses

I am a military spouse. I married a man in the military, but I had little knowledge of what this meant and how it would affect our family. We dated for three years. We met in college and that third year he told me he wanted to join the military. I was shocked. I knew nothing of military life nor had I known any other military families. I was completely clueless. It was then that I decided to do some research. What was this life about? What should I expect? Was it really as hard as everyone … [Read more...]

Dear Deployment: Still Finding Joy, Hope

Hope Griffin

Dear Deployment, That was unexpected. I dreaded the lonely nights, the long days, and the empty chair at the dining room table. I thought you would steal my husband away. I thought we would never talk. What I did not know was that you would make our marriage stronger. You took the quantity of evenings in front of the television, nights spent in the same bed but buried in books or computer games, and you gave us snippets of quality conversations. You were the catalyst that reconnected us. … [Read more...]

4 Ways Military Kids Are Awesome!

military kids

Compensation for this post was provided by Procter & Gamble via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own. April is the month of the military child and in preparation for April I wanted to write a bit about just a few of the ways that military kids are awesome! If you have a military kid then you probably already know the many reasons why they are awesome, but for those who want to know more about why military kids are so awesome keep on reading! Military Kids are … [Read more...]

From Georgia to Colorado: Our First PCS

our first pcs

First, let me begin by telling you that this journey was not easy. We had five days of travel, two special needs kids, went through three time changes, spent two weeks in and out of hotels, and went through six different states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado)! We knew about two months in advance that we were PCSing and the amount of work it took to get everything together for our two special needs kids and to buy a house was ridiculous. But somehow we did it! I … [Read more...]