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Why my Child Doesn't "Look" Like They Have Special Needs

Why My Child Doesn’t “Look” Like They have Special Needs

I have two special needs kids. My son has autism, SPD, apraxia of speech, and a feeding disorder and my daughter has many medical complexities, a feeding tube, and … [Read More...]


PPROM, Faith, and a Miracle: Elaina’s Story

I'm so happy to have my sister-in-law, Jennifer sharing her miracle story here on the blog today. All I can say is if you read only one thing today, read her story. … [Read More...]

Why I'm Afraid to go to Church

Why I’m Afraid to Go to Church

Probably very few of you of been with me on this blog since the very beginning. It started off with so much optimism and through the years of trials and tears, I've … [Read More...]