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Welcome, I'm Kathryn
Hey there and welcome, I am a 20-something Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to my two special needs kiddos. I have a passion for God, family, the military and helping others through my blog and services.
If you are looking for virtual assistance or other services you’ve come to the right place! With six years experience I have trained a team to work exactly as I do; helping you, the client, grow and find success with your blog, business and social media!

Raising Elizabeth

A Service Dog for Elizabeth

As some of you may remember, several months ago my daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with several rare genetic disorders including Ehlers-Danlos Type 3, Dysautonomia – POTS, and a Mast Cell Disorder. After three years of searching for an overall diagnosis for Elizabeth and finding it, we realized that a service dog would be life-changing and potentially…

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Yoga for Kids

The Best Yoga Poses for Special Needs Kids

Many people may not know this, but I love yoga! I was always hesitant to try it, but when my husband deployed for the first time in 2011, I knew I needed something to do for myself. Yoga has helped me slow down, breathe, and it has helped me with so many of my back problems….

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Special Needs Acronyms

70+ Special Needs Acronyms You Need to Know

When you first become a special needs parent, you get A LOT of special needs acronyms thrown at you. Not only are you overwhelmed with your child’s diagnosis, but now you have to figure out what all these letters jumbled together even mean. I wanted to create a list of some of the more common…

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How to Paint

Spring Bathroom Refresh: How to Paint a Small Bathroom

Ah, Spring! That time of year where birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and families everywhere are doing bits of spring cleaning and organizing. With the warmer weather coming in, I’ve had the itch to clean, organize, and even paint some areas of my house and thanks to a sponsorship from Lowe’s I was able…

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Weighted Blankets

Why You AND Your Child Need a Weighted Blanket!

As a special needs parent you probably have heard about weighted blankets before, but did you know weighted blankets are good for both children AND adults? A weighted blanket can provide a sense of calm for a wide range of individuals, including those with some of these disorders: Autism ADHD SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) Anxiety PTSD…

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ABA Controversy

True ABA Therapy is NOT Abuse: A Response

I am a mom to two special needs kids and both of them are currently in ABA therapy. Both children started ABA therapy at age two. My son has been in ABA therapy for just about five years now and my daughter has been in ABA therapy for one year. ABA therapy has drastically changed…

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